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Thor is back. And he brought a budget this time. Does this not please you?

Next James Bond adventure titled ‘Solo’

Although 2012’s Skyfall was the only James Bond film not based upon a novel, it had phenomenal success both critically and at the box office. That hasn’t changed plans for a new writer to continue the ...

Batman: Arkham Origins announced

We should all be in agreement: Batman: Arkham City was the greatest thing to happen to the Batman franchise since The Animated Series. It was in my top 3 games of the year for 2011, which saw herculean sequels like ...

State of Decay – Will it be The Walking Dead game we’ve wanted?

Not all Zombie Games are created equal.

Why The Last of Us isn’t a zombie game

If National Geographic doesn't believe in zombies, then why should you?

Just how good can a video game really be?

Return of the King – Game of Thrones Season 3

The plots and schemes! The character deaths! The cinematic battles! It's all back for a third season!

State of the Dead

This Easter Sunday brings us Walking Dead finale and Game of Thrones premiere. Sweet Jesus!

Kickstarter: What makes you so special?

BJ Keeton identifies what separates good Kickstarters from better in his attempt to break barriers with his own novel.

Elder Scrolls MMO Announced – GameInformer June Cover

Wait, Elder Scrolls wasn't an MMO already?

Angry Birds Space Review

This is casual gamers' Call of Duty. And it just went to mo'fuggin' space ya'll.

Diablo 3 FINALLY gets release date

I never thought my grandchildren would live to see this day, let alone myself.