Brian Young is the Editor-in-Chief/Founder of Couch Campus, a forum admin at Gamersyde and an avid Tweeter. He has been a gamer for over 17 years, although he admits to now staying more current with industry happenings than his growing backlog.

Birthday Gaming

In case you were unaware, May 21st has come and will soon go. It brought with it my 21st birthday, allowing me to legally drink and drive (on separate occasions). I also managed to snag these two gifts from Birthday ...

Halo Reach Beta Impressions

So I’ve been playing Halo: Reach’s beta since the cool people were let in on May 3rd (I wasn’t offered nor given a chance to play the beta early like so called “Friends & Family” ...

Voyce and Kaleena Jay sound off for the GamerNerdz video review of [blippr]Battlefield Bad Company 2[/blippr].

The Gamernerdz return–well, just DINX so it’s not quite as epic–to review [blippr]Tatsunoko vs Capcom[/blippr] for the Nintendo Wii. Check it.

Mass Effect 2 DLC brings new vehicle

If you still have your copy of Mass Effect 2 get ready to download some free DLC containing five new missions all centered around new vehicle the Hammerhead.

Terry O’Quinn talks LOST Season 7, sorta…

LOST actor Terry O'Quinn has his own idea for a spin-off starring himself and co-star Michael Emerson as suburban hit-men.

Nintendo to release Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid sequel in Summer

Nintendo plans to release Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: The Other M this Summer.

GamerNerdz – Bayonetta Review

Our friends over at GamerNerdz have posted their video review of one of our favorite Sega games, Bayonetta. Check it out below.

Keeping up with the tradition of not disappointing this avid fan, Naughty Dog managed to snag multiple coveted awards as voted by the people who most understand the hardships of game design and development: the game ...

Roger Corman directing Syfy’s ‘Sharktopus’

Roger Corman is set to direct Syfy's 'Sharktopus'.

Mass Effect 2 Review

The shooter genre has recently been boasting some of the most cinematic games of the generation with the likes of Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. When we last saw Mass Effect, it was still a ...

The ‘Avatar’ of video games indeed

First hour of Mass Effect 2 and it's instantly better than the first game.