Axel is a part time columnist for Couch Campus. He is responsible for most, if not all of Los Angeles show coverage on the site. He can be frequently found playing WoW and on Twitter

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Review

Nether Realm of Mortal Kombat fame reminds us that giants walk the earth.

Brand New Videos Inbound

We're going to be at E3 2013 and we're taking a glimpse at everything that's anything at the event. Got a favorite game you want us to see?

Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Hands-on Preview

Scott Pilgrim beat em' up you say? Well, why are we still talking! I'm Player 1, you're Player 2.

Metroid Other M Preview

Axel brings home his hands-on impressions of Metroid Gaiden. Yes, you heard me.

Modnation Racers Review

Early 2010 has become known as the Kart Racer quarter. With titles like Blur, Split/Second, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, and others available to us simple folk, can any new comer take the championship trophy ...

Street Fighter 4 iPhone Review

One the best selling and most influential fighting games of all time has finally hit Apple’s little soul stealer.  Street Fighter 4 has finally graced the App store with its awesomeness. So how does a ...

History Lesson: Sonic and Knuckles

We take a look at the first two video game Bad Asses. No, not Mario & Luigi, what are you, lame? Sonic and Knuckles!

Azeroth! Pirates are abound in World of Warcraft.

Transformers 2 The Game/DLC Review

We all know that the movie wasn't all that great (I still cry about it at night sometimes) but how does the game stand up?

Blizzcon 2009 Coverage

Blizzcon returned and it brought lots of new content for the gaming masses to digest. If you consider yourself one of the Blizzard faithful then keep reading!

Call of The Crusade (WoW Patch 3.2)

Our friend and WoW fanatic Axel got a little excited with the latest patch. Why? Somebody needs to find out.

Comic Con 2009 Coverage

Once a year during the beautiful California summer, hundreds of thousands of Comic Book, Movie, and Pop Culture nerds gather in San Diego for Comic Con. This event is where everything nerdy is displayed for all of ...