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Resident Evil: Revelations HD – Demo Impressions

My expectations were high, but Revelations somehow managed to meet them, even with it's minor annoyances.

Iron Man 3 – Review

Iron Man 3 is a compelling sci-fi action/adventure that drives Tony Stark's personal story-line into a refreshingly new territory.

Check out the new trailer for The Evil Within that was just released! Sadly, it's just a live action trailer. Fortunately, it's an awesome live action trailer.

Shinji Mikami’s Project Zwei to be revealed April 19th

Shinji Mikami's studio Tango Gameworks is ready to unveil Project Zwei and we'll finally get to see what the game looks like in a teaser trailer on April 19th.

Pikmin 3 finally has a release date

Pikmin 3 was supposed to be released during the Wii U's launch window. That time has come and gone, but now we have a specific date to go on.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Review of a dream made real

I’ve had my eye on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for a very long time now. Even before it was announced. Back when I was 12 and still swinging sticks around and pretending to destroy entire armies with my ...

Xbox 720: Don’t feed the rumors

Some of the next Xbox rumors will undoubtedly be true. "But which ones?", you may ponder. And that's where you need to stop yourself.

Sonic 2 HD Alpha – Demo Impressions

Sonic 2 HD spindashes it's way onto fans' computers in the form of a demo!

Peter Molyneux is leaving Lionhead/Microsoft

"I felt the time was right to pursue a new independent venture."

Apple Announces iPad 3 with 4G and Retina Display

New 5mp camera, sharper retina display, 4G, faster CPU, same price tags.

All We Know About Resident Evil 6

What is Capcom planning this time around? Here's what we know so far.

Video Game Releases 3/6 – 3/12

The release of Mass Effect 3 is finally upon us, but let's not forget the rest!