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Denki’s Quarrel delayed, possibly even canned for XBLA

In a sobering blog post over at the Scottish indie developer’s official site, Denki have announced a major restructuring partly as a result of being unable to find the right publishing partner for their ...

Natal specific EA Sports Active sequel to be announced at E3?

The announcement of EA Sports Active 2.0 for PS3 and not Xbox 360 only paves the way for a Project Natal specific sequel to be announced at E3.

ODST no longer the only way in to the Halo: Reach beta

UPDATE: Thanks to sil3nttt3mplar, it appears that playing Halo 2 on LIVE in the past is enough to get you an e-mail, at least in his case. We’ll go out on a limb and say that’s a lot of Halo fans who are ...

MCV have the scoop following Disney Interactive Studio’s announcement that forthcoming Black Rock Studio’s all action racing game will be released on May 21st in the UK. All things being equal, that ...

Spinter Cell: Conviction shunted to April to avoid Q1 frenzy

Splinter Cell: Conviction moved to April 2010 to avoid first quarter release frenzy

Avatar cashes in Halo’s debt to Aliens

There are many similarities between James Cameron film Avatar and Halo, as there were of Halo and Aliens. The relationship of Halo and James Cameron comes full circle.

Collecting Dust: £110 for God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition

Collector’s Editions of high profile game releases can be something of a mixed bag. For the most part, I’ve found recent offerings haven’t been all that compelling. The two of note I have purchased ...

The Split Personality of Story in MW2

Whilst MW2 remains a fully competent sequel, the story might be something of a regression from it's lauded predecessor.

Fable III To Be Episodic

In a recent interview, Peter Molyneux appears to confirm that Fable III will also be released episodically, could this also imply a day & date digital release?

Split Second – Hands On Preview

We took a hands on look at Eurogamer's Expo and came away with our impressions on the latest and greatest racer from the developer of both MotoGP and Pure.

EDGE Teases ‘Halo: Reach’ Feature for November? [UPDATE, Nope]

Does the back page teaser in November's issue of EDGE magazine hint at Halo: Reach information in its next issue?

‘Slim’ Chance for new Xbox 360 in 2010

A redesigned slim model of the Xbox 360 is not necessarily a banker for 2010, but 'slim' idea is beneficial for Microsoft's business model.