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Pixar’s ‘UP’ Review

Throughout their 14 year history, seemingly everything Pixar touched turned gold. UP however, stands out as their most moving and greatest achievement to date.

Charlie Brooker’s GamesWipe a Success

BBC4 airs a one-off television special centering around video games. Charlie Brooker's GamesWipe did a good job of presenting the history and culture.

Forza 3 Demo Impressions

An arcade racer fan mourning the loss of PGR tries the Forza 3 demo and finds some solace. Is this a racer for everyone?

WoW: The Magazine about more than the Future of Print

Last week’s announcement of World of Warcraft: The Magazine appears to have garnered interest and skepticism in equal regard. Not surprisingly, much of it centers around the ongoing “print vs ...

Fable III Continues to Colour in Black & White

Following the announcement of Fable III at GamesCom, we take a look at how Fable has been influenced by Black & White and what this means for the 3rd game.

Electronic Arts at GamesCom 2009

Electronic Arts didn't have anything new to announce at GamesCom but it sure had a lot to show. Here's a brief rundown of the games from their press briefing.

What the PS3 Slim will do for You and Sony

What will the PS3 Slim do for Sony? At GamesCom today Sony made the big annoucements everybody already knew. A new Playstation 3 was to be released imminently at a slimmed down size and a slimmed price point of $299 ...

Great Xbox Live Indie Games for 80MSP

If you’ve switched on your Xbox 360 since yesterday, you will have been prompted to download the latest dashboard update we previewed last week. Now out of beta and unleashed to the masses, part of the Fall ...

Mass Effect 2 Flirts With Permadeath

We take a look at the sequel to Bioware's scifi epic and how they plan to motivate players to keep to the task at hand.

Will User Ratings Help Xbox Live Marketplace?

We take a glimpse at the New Xbox Experience update beta, as well as the prospect of finding new, once unnoticed content thanks to the User Ratings feature.

Gearbox For Halo 4? Not So Fast

UPDATE: The official @HaloWaypoint twitter appear to have confirmed Gearbox are “not working on a Halo title for Microsoft” – Guess that’s that. If one thing a large swathe of the Internet ...