Jesus is 'The' Halo fan. Not 'a' Halo fan. The best source for anything Bungie related on Couch Campus, he brings a hint of bias and Forerunner logic to his articles.

All About Halo Waypoint

Can’t get enough Halo? Microsoft has the answer. They recently launched a new destination on Xbox LIVE geared towards Halo fans around the world.

Halo Legends: The Babysitter

Animated by Studio4°C, The Babysitter tells the story of four Helljumpers sent on a mission to eliminate a key Covenant Prophet on a distant planet.

WET Review

What happens when you take game play elements from Tomb Raider, Max Payne, and Uncharted and then "borrow" Quentin Tarantino's best film quirks? You get WET!

Trick ‘r Treat Review

From one of the writer's of Superman Returns comes an unconventional horror film so frightening Warner Bros. was afraid to release it to the general public.

Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

In a world where Metal has turned to crap you’re Eddie Riggs, one of the best roadies of all time. Find out if the Brutal Legend demo is Metal enough.

The Best of Halo: O.D.S.T.

Regardless of whether you know what ODST means, it's Halo which is synonymous with money. But is it worth your money or time? Find out in our review.

That Old Familiar Feeling: Halo 3 ODST

Another Halo, another day. Good times are a comin'. Make sure you know what you're dropping into when this game lands in a hot LZ.

Television Addiction: How It’s Made

Since the dawn of time, the television has entertained caveman from around the world… I think. And since then, everyone has found a certain show or program that they have been addicted to and watch religiously day ...

Halo actually started as a strategy game but evolved into an FPS. Does the series have the legs to make its transition to RTS? Not to mention console RTS?

Our resident self proclaimed Halo guru shows us Grunts what the Elite have been playing lately.

If you follow gaming at all, you’d know about one of the most controversial games this year. I’m talking about Silicon Knights’ Too Human.