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A Wish Was Granted

Collect all seven and any wish will be granted. But you’ve gotta be specific, or else you get Dragon Ball: Evolution…Someone should’ve asked for a GOOD movie. Well, thankfully after two decades Japan figured out people still love Dragon Ball Z. The biggest complaint I hear from anime “connoisseurs” (lol) is that it was dragged out, stretched, burned, chewed up, stretched again and then hung out to dry. At almost 300 episodes, I can see why. A lot of it is filler. Very little happened each week because they had to keep up with the Manga that was releasing at the same time. Why buy the comic when you can see whats going to happen earlier on TV? I actually read the manga recently and was shocked. Everything moved a long lightning fast. No nonsense yelling, no shouting about power levels and ruling the universe (ok a little of that) but for the most part it moved really well. Ok connoisseurs, you’ve earned your title and a “(lol) free” mention.

Starting April 5th over in Japan, Toei will be airing visually enhanced episodes that are edited to keep up with the quick pacing of the manga. I’m sure someone will bring it over here. Funimation? Make it happen. I’m not done watching Gohan beating the crap outta Cell in the World’s Martial Arts tournament just yet. Wonder if they’ll go a step further and churn out a couple new movies while they’re fishing for my Yen – err dollars. Only time will tell if the age old adage is true: “If you release it again, and again, and again, they will come.” If only they could find a way to make Dragon Ball GT not suck. One more year till we can find those balls again.