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Brand New Videos Inbound

Hola amigos! We’re about to launch a brand new push into our YouTube channel. I know we’ve kinda been avoiding it, but we seriously love each and every one of our 540 subscribers. Just not enough to upload a new video I guess. But seriously, much love!

Craig has been doing a great job with his videos and video reviews. One of his even got over 30,000 views! We closed down the comments due to some IGN quality commenters. People should be kind and unwind.

As the Official Couch Campus Conference Correspondent (that’s my name, says it all), I’ll be headed to E3 this year to make sure we get the scoop right off the show floor.

As long as I don’t get kicked out of E3 like Jesus did that one time, we’ll be all good.

In the meantime, check out the video intro/outro you’ll be seeing across all of our videos going forth!

That’s right mama! I finally made it!

Axel out.