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Hi, Everybody

Hi all, I’m Nick and new to the game here at Couch Campus.  Well I suppose that I should tell you all little bit about myself considering I plan to contribute to the site.  I’m a senior at Northeastern University, and an avid video game enthusiast.  Like most college students I’m full of myself, and as such I like to delve a bit deeper into what I like to call the sociology of video games.  I plan on writing mostly editorials throughout my tenure here, as well as news posts I find interesting, and of course this blog.

As for my video game interests I am an RPG nerd through and through.  Many a night I’ve gone sleepless with my good friends Link, Cloud, and others.  Having said that I also like, FPS, music games, RTS, platformers, and anything else that captures my interests.  I can also routinely be found on World of Warcraft.

So once again I’m glad to make your acquaintance.