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Life with Final Fantasy

With FFXIII about to hit the shops, I get the feeling that my life is about to get very complicated. Normal, inconvenient everyday things such as eating and washing are about to go out of the window… I’m even contemplating hooking a drip to my arm to keep me hydrated!

I’m sure Final Fantasy/RPG fans around the world will be following suit and at midnight tonight there will likely be a lot of people thinking of excuses for the inevitable sick week off work.

With days passing in the blink of an eye, insomnia sure to set in and missed calls on my phone mounting up, I’m wondering, is being such an avid gamer a good lifestyle choice? The answer is probably not, but would I have it any other way, absolutely no chance!

This is a game of epic proportions, with only fellow fans able to understand the true potential and many possibilities of a game such as Final Fantasy XIII. Sure it will no doubt be some ‘barely out of school’ main characters. With slight builds, some geeky speeches and the appearance’s of that untouched by the battlefield (I still have no idea why Square Enix refuse to even contemplate a Marcus like main character). But that aside, if its even half as good as it looks then I personally cant wait!

In a week or two, I might be a couple of pounds lighter, with some serious eye bags and in desperate need of a shave but I’ll be able to hold my head up high with knowledge I beat the bad guys and added some serious points to my gamerscore.

Mum, dad, I’ll call you in a couple of weeks! J