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No Rest For The Weary

I haven’t had much time to do any writing as of late, at least not the sort of writing that I enjoy.  My legal philosophy class has been tying up a great deal of my time, but at least the end is finally in sight and spring break is right around the corner.

I was fairly surprised at the response to my first editorial submitted to Couch Campus, and while I am overjoyed that anyone is willing to take but a glance at what I put out there to be judged by the masses I found it quite interesting, and more so amusing that some thought I was simply a viral advertiser for Heavy Rain.  I can assure you I am not, but if Sony or Quantic Dream believe that they owe me some sort of compensation, feel free to send me a check.

My next editorial is in the works, but as I noted before I’ve had very little free time, and as such it hasn’t progressed much further than the introduction.  I hope to have it done by Sunday, but more and more that is beginning to seem like a fever dream.  Work has been getting in the way, and after three years I’m beginning to think I should find a job that doesn’t have me working from 8pm to 4am every night.  I also still have Darksiders, Heavy Rain, and Bioshock 2 sitting on my bureau unopened, and it stands to reason that the moment my nine day reprieve begins I will delve so deeply into these games that I may never see the light of the sun again.

At the moment I simply hope to make it through the day.