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Something, something, something ‘Darksiders’

I’m thinking of heading to Gamestop tomorrow and picking up Darksiders for the 360. My only reservation is Bayonetta. I haven’t yet finished that, and from what I saw in the Gametrailers review the combat seems like it would be a chore compared to it. But Gamestop is running a deal where it’d cost only $20, which would have been my price to buy anyway.

But, I digress! Mass Effect 2 is out soon. Darksiders will only get cheaper, but the sooner I play it and get it over with the higher chance I’ll get around to it then later in the year with more anticipated releases. But while I have your attention (or don’t) does the game look like World of Warcraft to anyone else? The graphics aren’t the best, but I’m referring to character design, especially the bosses.

Ah well. Oh, if this post seemed bad, I wrote it on my iPod Touch. Neat.