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Mass Effect 2 - Custom Armor
The ‘Avatar’ of video games indeed

After a shout about (a shout about is what I refer to as a good three or more hours of shouting) directed at the local UPS office, my copy of Mass Effect 2 for the PC arrived. Thank you Amazon. As soon as I fired up the game, I was looking for the first chance to pause it so I could play it right by loading up FRAPS. My goodness. The game looks incredible, but the eerie part is that it never dipped under 60fps while I was playing it. The opening cutscene, even while things were blowing apart all around you, was smooth like butter. I had my hand on the screen cap key like I was an epileptic.

I customized my Shepard, and I’m not disappointed at the results (unlike the first game). They really strove to correct the inconsistencies in the first game. You’re given a code during the creation process that tells you the ID of your character. Say if maybe someone made an awesome Brad Pitt or a Denzel Washington clone, they could copy and paste without trying to pay attention to detail. And all BioWare’s people say ‘amen’.

Yes, the overheating ammo discharge is gone, but I’d take this style of gunplay over the old any day. It’s tighter, more precise, and it feels more intense. I never remember enjoying the standard pistol so much in the last game. Picking up a grenade launcher was also epic. Finally something beyond the 4 default weapon types.

This isn’t an IGN review (I’m admitting that I’m only one hour in). I just thought it was so awesome I had to tell someone about it. Oh, here are pics of my Shepard. Custom armor FTMFW!