Is the End of Console Gaming Coming?

The landscape of gaming has been changing fast over the past over the last decade.  From the early PlayStations and Nintendos we have come a long way.  The development of the software has improved substantially as well as the capacity of the disks on which the games are stored.


The biggest progression in console gaming is the ability to play online, against other players around the world.  This was fully implemented in time for the launch of PS3 and the Xbox 360 and has opened up a world of possibilities to gamers.  Instead of playing against artificial intelligence (AI) enemies, players can choose to play against real people, regardless of where they are situated.


Online functionality is now well incorporated into all console games and an increasing amount of the game involves online connectivity.  Players now access more and more of the game from online sources and it is becoming less and less about the tangible disk.  As things continue in this direction, the disk will eventually become obsolete as everything will be accessed online.  As internet speeds continue to increase, allowing us even more seamless gameplay thanks to rapid data transfer, there will be no need for an actual disk.  Eventually, players will simply purchase a code (or similar) which will be entered onto an online portal to access the content.  Players will simply log in to a cloud-based server to access their games.  This will ultimately remove the need for the disk-reading capacity in games consoles, which will lead to them becoming more like a network router than a gaming machine.


There has been an undeniable slump in console games over the last have decade.  This could be put down to the struggling economy, but then we would have to give a reason to movie sales and music remaining strong amongst the prominence of online piracy.  While console games have declined over that period, we have seen mobile and social gaming take its place, rising to astronomical heights.


The video game industry in the United States, including consoles, games and accessories were found to be 24% down on the same period during the previous year.  There is no doubt that the dwindling console sales figures and the thriving mobile and social markets will be having quite an influence on the makers of the big three systems: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.


Although there is much questioning going about concerning the survival of console gaming, game design consultant Adrian Cook thinks otherwise. “I bristle when people suggest as much.  Consoles will grow again and will never go away.”


Although the industry is going through a period of tumultuousness, the most since the 1983 gaming collapse, it is still far from dead.  This is majorly thanks to the franchises such as Call of Duty, Madden, FIFA and many more. If one thing is for sure, however, it is that the industry is in a very uncertain position going forward.


There are a number of things that the console producers have done in an attempt to counter the direction in which the industry is moving.  For one, they are turning the consoles from ‘dedicated gaming machines’ into entertainment hubs, which consumers can use to stream music, movies and access internet pages.  These uses of consoles have increased significantly with today’s fast internet speeds and now, only 60% of all Xbox activity involves gaming.  Video streaming services such as LoveFilm and Netflix make up a high proportion of the non-gaming activity.


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