Future of Gaming

Gaming today is changing at speeds it never has before.  Technology in general is constantly evolving and things are constantly being innovated and made cheaper, faster and better.  The gaming industry provides a perfect example of how much things have progressed in the past four decades.  Back from the earliest days of 2D gaming with Pong in 1972 and the earliest 3D first person shooters like Wolfenstein in 199 to realistic shooting simulators such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and GTA V.  What the gaming industry has experienced can only be described as rapid technologic evolution.

Alongside the development of gaming technology, improved and uninterrupted internet speeds have allows a recent surge in online gambling, and online bingo in particular.  Many sites now offer players to play without spending a penny so they can play without spending a penny.  Bingo sites like this one www.bingosweets.com even allow you to play on your mobile device, wherever you are.  As technology continues to improve in this sector, the virtual gaming experience will get closer and closer to the real life experience.

Immersive Gaming

You may be surprised to hear that 3D technology has been around for around a century. However, it has only just become cheap enough that it can be used commercially in cinemas, televisions and soon, gaming.  3D in gaming will mean the rise of virtual reality, where players can be immersed in the game, with things happening around them.  There are various devices in the pipelines, scheduled to be launched soon.  Look out for these futuristic 3D headsets soon.

Secondary Gaming Screens

This trend has already begun.  As the market for handheld devices such as smartphone and tablets continues to boom, how long is it until these are integrated into our console systems as standard?  The three gaming giants, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all racing to develop their secondary gaming console for exactly this reason.

Microsoft has developed an app called SmartGlass, which allows players to give additional commands to games to enhance the player experience.

OpenSource Gaming

If you have a look at how the mobile game market has developed, with loads of games available for free or very cheap, you will see where the console gaming market is going.  Consoles such as Ouya have started to be released.  This device runs on open-source Android software, allowing anyone to develop games and make them available to the market.  The new device is only $99 and before long, there will be loads of games available for your free download.

Augmented Reality

This has been the talk around town lately with the development of Google Glass.  What Google’s latest device does is precisely this; it augments reality.  You will see a digital overlay on top of real life objects in real time.  Augmented Reality gaming allows the most immersive gaming experience imaginable.  Soon enough, gaming will just mean wearing glasses and controlling the game with our movements, meaning no controller or device will be needed!

Cloud Gaming

As internet connection continue to become more reliable and fast, cloud computing technology is beginning to gain some momentum. Could computing will allow online games to be available by default. According to creator of The Sims, Will Wright, cloud gaming will become integral to gaming of the future. With cloud gaming, we will not need to wait long for updates to quality games. Instead, it will be constantly updated.


The gaming industry is progressing at a really exciting rate and innovations are continuing to regularly push the boundaries.  Keep your eyes peels for these innovative technologies being launched soon.