Bit. Trip Core – Early Gameplay Impressions

Back in mid-march of this year, a game called Bit. Trip Beat hit Wiiware.  The game was sort of a love letter to retro gaming, because it played like Pong on steroids.   The game has three extremely challenging levels to play, and each one is a different song.  The object to each level is to hit the blocks to the beat as they travel to the left side of hte screen, while you, the player must tilt the Wii Remote forward and backward (holding it NES style), to move the paddle up and down the screen.  To be honest, it is one of my favorite Wiiware games to date (almost as good as World of Goo….almost), and I was really excited to hear that Beat was just the first in a series of Bit. Trip games.  A new video surfaced showing gameplay footage of the new game entitled, Bit. Trip Core, and I figured that since I am a fan, I should give my initial thoughts.

Bit. Trip creators, GaijinGames, seems to really know what gamers want…variety.  Core  plays nothing like Beat, and that has me extremely excited to check out the new mechanics.  With the earlier game playing more like an old-school gem, this new title looks to be a bit more complicated.  Watching the video you will notice that there is no longer a paddle you control and that the player is now a cross in the middle of the screen.  The object is to shoot a beam either up,down, left or right, to stop the blocks…so essentially the same premise, but new mechanics.  Either way, it looks to be as challenging, if not more so than its predecessor.

You can purchase Bit. Trip Beat in the Wii Shop Channel right now for 600 points.  I highly recommend checking it out to see if this type of gameplay is for you, because it is something that many people may find too brutal.  With Beat, I really like that there are boss battles at the end each level, and was interesting and different, so I am interested in seeing how the new gameplay mechanics work with boss battles in Core.   This is a series that I hope catches on to the masses and the team works on even more games in the series.  Since gameplay videos were just released, I am not expecting to see the game for quite a few months, but expect a review on day one, because I have really high hopes for the title, and can’t wait to get my hands on it.