Top 10 Rock Band DLC

Okay, so Rock Band comes out with new songs every week. It would be pretty hard(and expensive) for me to download every pack coming out and review it, so I thought I would just put together a little top 10 list of the songs I enjoy, and want to recommend to all the readers. So here goes, and my settings for guitar are Expert, Vocals on Hard, and Drums on Hard (never was as good on those as I am at guitar…but im practicing!). I won’t be talking about the Bass much, because in most songs its just the same repetitive chords. Lets face it, the only reason you get stuck with playing Bass is because you are the slowest of your friends at choosing which instrument to play.

10. Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars

– This song is awesome. Its fast, and its really fun to sing. The guitar is extremely repetitive, and not hard at all, its just A LOT of consecutive notes. Overall, the song is a good download if you are into something that will get everyone playing the game to get in the mood and really start to rock out.

9. Still Alive by GLaDOS

-Everyone knows the song from p0rtal, everyone either loves or hates the song. It is available for free, and for good reasoning. Its not really all that fun on the instruments, everything feels pretty uninspired, and the beat is odd. However, the HUGE saving grace of this song is the lyrics. This has to be one of the most fun songs to sing out of the entire Rock Band setlist. Definitely give it a download if you are in a goofy mood.

8. Roxanne by The Police

-Great song, one of my favorite Police songs available. Its slow enough to really keep a good beat, yet challenging(especially on drums). Guitar is rather easy, with a simple beat, and nothing too fast, its easy, even for expert.

7. Crushcrushcrush by Paramore

-The song is available for 80 MSpoints, and is really a steal, considering I have had a lot of fun with this song. The guitar intro is really tough, but as the chorus breaks in, it gets really fun and interesting. Also a fun song to sing.

6. Joker & The Thief by Wolfmother

-This is a TOUGH song. Its pretty easy to sing, but as far as drums and guitar go, it is really tough to not miss a note. The intro is really fast, and goes on for quite sometime, so if you lose your beat, getting it back can be extremely hard. I am a huge Wolfmother fan, so of course this is one of my favorite songs to sing.

5. Die All Right! by The Hives

-The Hives are an odd band, but I love them anyways. Singing this song is tough, because the lyrics make NO SENSE whatsoever. Drums and Guitar are a good challenge on the hard and expert difficulties, and vocals has a pretty interesting chorus.

4. Simple Man by Lynard Skynard

-One of Lynard Skynards most epic songs. Its slow, so for any instrument, be it guitar, bass, or drums…its really quite easy, even on the hard difficulties. Its hard NOT to get into this song when you sing it. As soon as you start singing into that mic, you feel as if you yourself are apart of one of the greatest classic rock bands to ever live. That feeling doesn’t happen much on the game, so I say, download this classic.

3. The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

-This one is a bit slower than Attack, and not as much fun on vocals. However, it makes up for it in the guitar department. This song has an amazing chorus, and a few extra verses, and the outro is a blast. I recommend this to anyone who enjoyed playing Attack.

2. More Than a Feeling by Boston

-I’m a huge Boston fan, and I played most of the songs in the Boston pack that was released awhile back, and nothing stood out, quite like “More Than A Feeling”. “Rock and Roll Band” was good, but you couldn’t get into it as much as this song. Guitar and Drums are both a lot of fun, although both are really repetitive, especially in the outro. Vocals is great, but be prepared for a few really long notes.

1. Juke Box Hero by Foriegner

– This song is #1 on my list, solely for the fact that everyone instrument you play feels so epic. The chorus on everything feels spot-on. When me and my friends were playing this, we couldn’t help but just sing aloud even when we weren’t all on the mic. The chorus is a blast, and has such a great beat. The outro is really tough, which is surprising, seeing as the rest of the song was relatively easy.
So there you have it…I haven’t downloaded any packs in the past few weeks, although I would like to try the Jimmy Buffet Pack, and a few others. Maybe in a few months I will do an updated list with my take on some newer songs, but for the time being, these are the ones I give you, the reader, with my highest recommendation. So go on, put away you’re little keyboard, grab your plastic guitar, and rock out to Foreigner.


Still Alive doesn't seem to be available in the EU, either that or I'm too stupid to be able to find it, which sucks, cause free content is always welcome. But got to agree with Simple Man, that song is awesome, if only Freebird was on there! Also, to any fans of the band, I would recommend the Oasis song pack, got some of their best songs, and though not difficult, they are a blast to play and really take you back.