Mythic Win

Oh yes, I paid $80 for Halo Wars. While hearing it from my friends about paying the extra cash just to get the Mythic Map Pack off of Halo Wars, I came to the realization that, well, I simply didn’t care. Mock me all you’d like. I love Halo and anything new coming will be mine no matter what… sort of. Anyways, after playing Halo Wars and owning Phaethon and one of his friends almost single-handedly, I was aching to leave the game and pop in Halo 3 to get my Mythic on. If you purchased the Limited Collector’s Edition, or whatever the heck it’s called, you got a code to download the three Mythic Maps name Assembly, Orbital, and Sandbox.

From the get go, you’ll notice that Assembly feels slightly familiar. It plays a little a lot like Midship. My goodness that was a great map and so is Assembly. Now I’m not just saying that because I had a good game on my first play through *ahem*. Not the best stats but I’ll take ‘em. No, the symmetric map flow perfectly well and I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun playing SWAT. It feels like any game type would work well with this map. If you clicked on that link, you’ll notice that I died a lot of times. I’m not to blame. Really, I’m not. The map is so beautiful that I found myself looking just to admire the sights. If you look up, you’ll gaze upon Assembly’s pride and joy, the Scarab assembly line. Every minute or so, the body of a Scarab flies overhead as it follows its destined path towards getting assemble, hence the name of the map.

Assembly looks great and all but visually, I think Orbital takes the cake of the three. There was so much attention to detail in this map that I guarantee that from now and until the end of the year, you’ll notice something new. It’s visually pleasing to the eye but don’t like that distract you can the small corridors and hallways are very dangerous. This grenade-fest of a map is definitely the most confusing of the three in terms of navigating through its hallways and openings in between but once you’re face to face with the enemy, you better make sure you know where you are and you know where there’s cover. The tight hallways make for some hectic game play and “holy cow, I can’t believe I survived that” moments. You will use grenades more than ever and me + grenades +br = one dead phaeth… er, enemy.

Last and certainly not least, there is Sandbox, the forge friendliest map of the three. When Bungie revealed this map, they stayed mum on the big surprise which came in a pair. You now have the ability to create maps in the sky! Didn’t like the Lockout remake, Blackout? Well, make your own you freaking wanker! (I’ve always wanted to use that word.) The sky box is an empty landscape of deadly goodness. If you fall off your created map, you’re dead! Things just got a whole lot more interesting. The middle section, which is where you start off, hit the teleport in the air and you’re in the sky box. Congrats! Now start forging! Every piece of the default layout in Sandbox is removable just like in Foundry and I suggest making a couple of new changes because the one that is available isn’t all that great. The last piece of the hidden puzzle is, well, a hidden piece that you must remove in forge. Hidden deep within the grounds of Sandbox is another map that can be forged to your pleasure. For the grifball fanatics, Bungie added this little gem so you don’t waste that hard earned cash on walls covering up the holes in Foundry. This basement is huge and if you’re not in the sky box, I imagine this is where you’d spent the rest of your time. I think I’ve spoken enough about these maps. I didn’t want to go into detail so you can experience the Mythic-y goodness all for yourselves. Oh and while you’re in the “crypt” of Sandbox, beware of the Kill ball!

P.S. Don’t forget to nab the Skull for each map. Happy Hunting!


Video hijacked by Phaethon.