FFXIII Help Guide Part 1- Adamantoise/Adamantortoise and Long gui

Alright guys since we have already had a Final Fantasy XIII review on here I’m going to stay away from discussing storyline and much of my personal opinions on the game itself. Hopefully this will serve primarily as a multi-part help guide on certain aspects of the game.

There may be some enemy spoilers but none (unless clearly marked) regarding storyline.  I know there will be lots I haven’t covered so feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my very best to answer. Also most of my guide will be only chapter 11 and onwards (because then and only then is when the game gets interesting and challenging…. just my opinion).

If you have the Growth egg and collectors accessories these can be very useful enemies for leveling CP or farming for gil. For all the below enemies upgrade and equip any Earth resistant accessories you have, they can make a big difference to the outcome of the battles.


Now there might be people who think differently, but I really wouldn’t attempt these bad boys until your post game (when you get access to chapter 11,12 &13 with an higher tier CP unlocked). They are very tough and have a quite a lot of HP. However when you are levelled up they are fairly easy, I know people who can beat them in under a minute. Using my way probably wont get it done that fast but it’s a simple way to beat them without even using a summon and still getting it done in between 2-6 mins depending on your party attributes (weaker parties will only be able to beat them in two drops rather than the first time they go down). Also there is a couple of million Hp difference between the ‘toise’ and the ‘tortoise’ but they both go down the same way so will be treated as the same in this guide.

Strategy/Party setup:


Some people use Sazh as he can be very effective against Adamantoise/tortoise and Long Gui when he’s levelled with his tier 3 weapon but I personally found him to be too weak to fit in my party. Its very important to use Fang due to her Highwind special move taking most of the health of the Adamantoise/tortoise legs in one hit. I used Hope as my primary magic user and Lightning as a good all-rounder.






Organised like this its an easy way to use them, as its more or less in the order they are used. At the start of the battle buff your self up with Haste, Bravera and Faithra (When you have your best weapon you gain an extra ATB segment which is useful because you can then buff everything you need in one move). Once done, switch to the 3 Ravs  and target a leg. The aim is to stagger it and get the health of the leg down by about a quarter. Once its staggered switch to down to the next setup (or if your not quite strong enough switch to Com/Rav/Com for some extra damage) which is Fang as Com and your two Meds. They will heal the party whilst you do some damage and once the health of the leg is down by a quarter its time to end that leg with Highwind.

Then on the next leg, just rinse and repeat. Once you have taken both legs out it will crumble before your eyes. Firstly switch To Sab/Sab/Sab and debuff the hell out of it for two or 3 turns, then its party time. Switch back to 3 Ravs and get the stagger point up to around 800% and quickly switch to the final system of Com/Rav/Com. This is where you can inflict serious damage and the health bar will drop at an incredible rate. With about a eighth (ish) of the bar left you can use Highwind again to finish it off. If you don’t manage to kill it the first time around you can either repeat all the steps again or use a summon and it will instantly drop the beast to its knee’s again, letting you easily finish it off.

Long Gui

Well if you thought the others were tough, now its time for what are, in my opinion the toughest enemies in the game. They only appear on completion of mission 62, so don’t worry if you can’t find them before (not that you would want to!). Almost identical looking to Adamantortoise only blue in colour. But don’t let this confuse you because even if you can beat the ‘Adamans’ with your eyes closed, chances are you will struggle against these. With over sixteen million HP (not including the legs) and some serious offensive options these are some tough brother tuckers! Even with 20/30K hp they can wipe you out in seconds, so the correct strategy is very important.

I use a similar set up as before with some changes. Sticking with the same character set up with Fang, Hope and Lightning.







You may notice I have added a squad of Sentinels. Which greatly help to protect against some of the devastating moves the Long Gui has at its disposal. Infact as soon as the fight starts he will hit you with ‘Ultima’. It’s a devastating move and if you don’t act quickly can instantly kill you. So immediately switch to sentinel which will protect you from a lot of the damage. Then you should switch 3 Syns (unless you have taken serious damage then do a quick heal switch first), after a quick buff, change to the 3 Sabs and hit him with Slow until it sticks. By then your team-mates should have added at least Imperil to its status aliments, so its definitely a worthwhile move.

Then on to the old method of 3 Ravs and getting those legs staggered. Bare in mind they have more Hp this time though so its best to get a higher stagger percentage before switching to Com. Try to take a third of the legs health this time before using Highwind, otherwise you may not do enough damage to take its Hp to zero. Also its best to heal whenever you get hit and keep your health as high as possible throughout the battle. Once you have taken care of the legs, make sure your buffed and have inflicted Slow before changing to 3 Ravs again. This time the health bar goes down MUCH more slowly, and it will unfortunately take two or three times dropping him to beat it.

In conclusion, be sure to change to 3 Sentinel’s every time he uses a special move on you, keep your health topped up and make sure it is always inflicted with Slow. Also usage of your summon is very important and is best saved for when you might otherwise die.

Using the above methods i was able to beat the ‘Adamans’ very easily and The Long Gui competently, without worrying too much about weapons or accessories (obviously better weapons will speed up the battles and only the third tier weapons give you the last ATB slot).

I think thats just about it for now, if anyone found this useful please let me know and i’ll add further additions, also i would be happy to listen to suggestions for other help topics.

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