Split Second – Hands On Preview

We took a hands on look at Eurogamer's Expo and came away with our impressions on the latest and greatest racer from the developer of both MotoGP and Pure.

God of War 3 Demo Impressions

Henceforth let no school child gaze upon the splendor of antiquity and question "Where did the gods go?" The answer will forever be "Kratos killed them."

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

Just in time for Halloween comes the demo for Left 4 Dead 2. The only question we had was if the game was scary good or frighteningly similar.

Bayonetta Demo Impressions

The Japanese store exclusivity didn't stop us. We played the demo even if you couldn't and told you what to expect from this awesome new action title.

Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

In a world where Metal has turned to crap you’re Eddie Riggs, one of the best roadies of all time. Find out if the Brutal Legend demo is Metal enough.

Forza 3 Demo Impressions

An arcade racer fan mourning the loss of PGR tries the Forza 3 demo and finds some solace. Is this a racer for everyone?

Aion: An MMO Tourist’s Perspective

Launched nearly a year ago in South Korea, Aion is now taking aim at western markets. With equal amounts of flash and polish, does Aion really break new ground?

Champions Online: An MMO Tourist’s Perspective

The game community is split over MMOs. Some love them, some hate them. Champions Online might just be the one that brings both camps together.

That Old Familiar Feeling: Halo 3 ODST

Another Halo, another day. Good times are a comin'. Make sure you know what you're dropping into when this game lands in a hot LZ.

Lost Planet 2 Demo Impressions

Capcom has got quite the track record coming into this generation. Their first sequel to a new IP is shaping up to be a hot title.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Impressions

You know about Batman fans. They’re crazy, constantly in denial, and ladies know them to be the most self obsessed men on the planet (and amazing lovers). I am one of them. I could write an entire paragraph ...

The game show genre has always been shaky in video games. Not only are you not actually competing for cash prizes, but you're stressing your brain.