KOF XII Spotting!

Recently while scoping out the local establishments in Chinatown (NYC), I ventured into the historic Chinatown Fair arcade to see what new cabinets were on the menu. Much to my satisfaction, there was a lonely King ...

If you follow gaming at all, you’d know about one of the most controversial games this year. I’m talking about Silicon Knights’ Too Human.

Better late than never for Ninja Gaiden 2 fans. The demo was reported but never provided, now we've got the chance to judge it for ourselves. Find out our take.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit – Demo Impressions

Weird to think that the same guys who made Street Fighter IV made a Dragon Ball Z game. How does it compare to the baker's dozen Atari has already shoveled out?

‘The Bourne Conspiracy’ Demo Impressions (360)

See how well Jason Bourne holds up in video game form.

‘Haze’ Demo Impressions (PS3)

Does the Haze demo live up to the hype?

Metal Gear Online – First Impressions (PS3)

Metal Gear is jumping into the world of online, but how well does the beta play?