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That Old Familiar Feeling: Halo 3 ODST

In a couple more days, September 22, 2009 to be exact, we will journey into the Halo universe once again. This time, we won’t be playing a Spartan super soldier that goes by the name of Master Chief. No, this time we play as a “The Rookie.” Not just any rookie though, we’ll be playing a rookie that is a part of the most elite marines in the world; the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or ODST for short. They’re the best of the best and if you can’t be a Spartan, this is the next best thing.

Like every other project that Bungie has worked on, they’ve been mum on the story with the exception of a couple of tid-bits. The story takes place during Halo 2 as Master Chief jumps into slip-space in chase of the Prophet of Truth. The game begins with a change of objective at the last minute and you know nothing about it. So as you’re dropping in your HEV (Human Entry Vehicle), the tear in slip-space drops you and your team out of trajectory. You wake up in a destroyed New Mombasa alone with your crew no where to be found. So you do what every one will do… go and find them. While you’re searching for them, the Covenant is looking for something beneath the streets. You’re free to roam the city as you please while you excavate for clues as to where your crew may be. You then befriend a little AI that goes by the name SuperIntendent. This little guy with help you along the way while warning you of near-by enemies. As you find clues, you’ll flashback in time and instead of watching a boring cut-scene of what happened, you’ll play it instead. Isn’t Bungie awesome?


If you went to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), ComicCon, GamesCon, or are following the ODST Tour Bus, chances are you got your hands on time with Bungie’s new multiplayer mode named Firefight. If you haven’t then shame on you! If you’ve played Gears of War 2 and enjoyed Horde mode, then you’ll love this mode. There are a couple of big differences in Firefight, One of the main ones is that you have lives, and once all of those lives deplete, the game is over. You entire team grabs from that pool of lives so you’re only as strong as your weakest link. In Couch Campus’ case, that would be Phaethon. Also, there are 5 waves of enemies in a round and 3 rounds in a set. After every set, you get a bonus round where you can get additional lives. World around town is that there are 99 sets totally but Bungie has said it never ends so we’ll have to wait and see. Another big difference is that after every round, different Skulls activate making it for a greater challenge and a different experience every time.

If you’re expecting a completely new way of playing, well, you won’t see it here. You’ll have to wait till Halo: Reach. Halo 3: ODST is running off the same engine as… you guessed it! Halo 3. There are minor tweaks and differences that change the game-play some what but if you kicked butt as the Chief, you’ll kick butt as the rookie… just not as easily. Expect a full review when the game comes out. Till then, check out to stay posted on the newest update on the game. See ya guys and PREPARE TO DROP!