Grand Theft Auto V Review

Think of everything you love about Grand Theft Auto, multiply that by a few hundred, and then you have Rockstar’s latest creation; Grand Theft Auto V – a game of such large scale is difficult to ...

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Review of a dream made real

I’ve had my eye on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for a very long time now. Even before it was announced. Back when I was 12 and still swinging sticks around and pretending to destroy entire armies with my ...

Diablo 3 Video Review

Heaven is missing an Angel. Hell is missing you.

Kinect Star Wars Video Review

Ever since 1977, mankind has wished to be a Light Saber wielding Jedi Knight. Kinect Star Wars shows us that no, we really didn't want this.

Angry Birds Space Review

This is casual gamers' Call of Duty. And it just went to mo'fuggin' space ya'll.

Journey Review (PSN)

Not a game. Journey is an experience. And a journey...

MLB 2K12 Review

“MLB 2K12: It Can’t Get Any Worse… Right?”

Mass Effect 3 Review

Reapers gonna reap. Can Shepard delay judgement day while gettin' his Kirk on?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

  WATCH THE VIDEO REVIEW Final Fantasy XIII was one of those love it or hate it games. Open worlds were traded for linear corridors and combat was altered to become more fast paced with control over only one ...

Trine 2 Review

Threesome in the old days took you to some pretty crazy places.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review

The Legend of Zelda has been going strong for over 25 years now. The classic tale of an adventurer rising up to save Princess Zelda and defeat the evil Ganon never disappoints. Such a long run also puts the ...

Modnation Racers Review

Early 2010 has become known as the Kart Racer quarter. With titles like Blur, Split/Second, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, and others available to us simple folk, can any new comer take the championship trophy ...