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Conveniently play the games on one disc.
Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

When you hear the word, “Bounty Hunter”, what are the intial things that pop into your head?  A couple that may come to mind are Boba Fett and Dog the Bounty Hunter, but none of them hold a candle to Samus Aran.  The insane popularity of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption‘s intuitive controls meant that it was inevitable we would see the original games in the series get an overhaul.  Retro Studios made a very interesting and controversial move when they took this beloved 2-D series and brought it into a fully-explorable 3-D world.  They did something I didn’t think was possible…they made a great series even better.  While Metroid Prime Trilogy did not reinvent the wheel again, it at least shows the staying power of these awesome games, and now makes it easier than ever for newcomers to pick up and play.

The Metroid series has always been about adventure and exploration ever since its start on the NES and SNES. The Metroid Prime games are no different.  They may have looked like shooters, but it was always known as a “First Person Adventure” instead, for good reason.  The most interesting thing about the series was that the story was not always straightforward.  What I mean is that you had to rely on scanning objects and computers to really understand the big picture of what was going on around you.  This inventive storytelling made me feel much more immersed in the world, which is a pretty big feat since most gamers are now spoiled by amazing cinematics that were much harder to achieve years ago.  I don’t want to get too into the story, since most people reading this have either a) beaten the games and don’t want to be bored with a retelling, or b) are total newcomers to the series and don’t want anything spoiled.  One thing is certain though…Samus kicks the ass of very space pirate that gets in her way.

Relive the adventure.

The overall presentation of MP Trilogy is fantastic, with menus that are easy to navigate and familiar to fans of the series.  The graphics were great back in the day, so they may have aged a bit, but they still don’t look bad.  You can now play the games in 16:9 ratio (480p Widescreen), which is nice but doesn’t really improve the visuals much.  To add more depth and rewards to the gameplay, the “credit” system from MP3 is back. You earn credits by defeating bosses, hitting landmarks in the story, and scanning certain objects.  These unlockables are what you would expect: concept art, music, and interesting add-ons from MP3 (screenshot tool, Mii bobblehead, etc.)  As if there wasn’t enough replayability in the package, unlocking everything will take quite some time if you are going for 100%.  In fact, this is something I think I will probably still be coming back to into the next year as I anticipate the release of Metroid: Other M.

This is a great compilation of games, but it is not without its faults.  My biggest gripe was the fact that your MP3 saves do not carry over since MP Trilogy has it’s own save file (all 3 games for one save file).  I feel bad for people that sold their copies of Corruption and thought they could just start from where they left off.  If you enjoy multiplayer you may want to look elsewhere.  The only time you can play with friends is the MP2 local multiplayer mode.  I played with a friend, and it was alright, but nothing great. It’s a shame they couldn’t do some online deathmatches like we saw in Metroid Prime: Hunters on the DS, years ago.  The main draw of Prime has always been the wonderful single player campaign, so it’s not a big deal that we see no online play, but it would have at least been kind of nice to play after you blow through single-player.

Conveniently play the games on one disc.

This is one of those games that I think should be in everybody’s collection.  I originally thought they would seel MP and MP2 at $30 a piece, since that is what New Play Control games go for, so it was quite a suprise for so many people to see this compilation actually hit the shelves.  To top it off, the game also comes in a nice steelbook case, with a tiny booklet that tells of the story of the Prime franchise on one side, and interesting concept art on the other.  If you already own both Gamecube titles, and don’t care about motion controls, then that would be the only reason I would say to skip this upgrade.  For the rest of us,  it’s not very often you get such good games for such a great price, this truly is “The Orange Box” for the Wii.

Wii Spiele
Wii Spiele

I love this game! Three of the best Metroid titles ever rolled into one. Controls take a little getting used to, and the in-game menu is a little confusing. Sometimes it's tough to figure out what to do next, but what's a good game without some challenges? Love the tons of bonus content that comes with it, and the stuff you have to unlock too. Overall, I am very satisfied with this game, and I would recommend it to anyone.