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Lost: Via Domus Review

Since the dawn of time, people have wanted something. Other people have wanted something as well. So they developed a method of giving each other something for something else, called currency. Eventually, greedy corporations got better at getting currency than others. Their tried and true method? The cash in.

So you like LOST? Cool. You like games? Awesome. Think a combination of both would be stellar? Well, not exactly. That doesn’t mean that you were wrong to think that LOST would not make a great game, it just means that Lost: Via Domus didn’t become one. And the reason why? The cash in. So, if you’re still reading this, then you’re probably still hoping that despite what you’ve heard about these things called “cash ins” that there’s something to be salvaged from this one.

At the start of the game you take control of Elliot, a crash survivor much like the characters on the TV show, but unlike them, he has suffered a bout of amnesia. You spend most of your time throughout the game searching for ways to remember what you lost, and avoiding a man that followed you onto the island who intends to kill you. You interact with many popular characters from the show, romping through the jungle on numerous fetch quests and completing mini-games all based around the show’s interesting mythos.

I will not go much further into the plot, because if you do plan on checking this game out, the story is one of its few redeeming qualities. However, as Lost producers stated previously, the game is not canon, and although it follows the show’s general plot line it will not tie into the show in any significant ways. Several of the actors on the show briefly give their dialog, but the majority of the cast are voice by sound alikes. Not too terrible, except for Charlie, but it doesn’t really feel the same without the voices of the main cast driving the emotion.

While some areas of the game seem very poorly designed and very last gen, the jungle and beach environments look incredibly vivid and lifelike. Some of the locations are stunning. While the character and facial animations definitely won’t win any awards, the characters themselves look very similar to their real life counterparts. There is little room for confusion.

The game is very linear. Even though you see an immensely thick jungle, the game will stop you if you walk in a direction contrary to the path they provide, which can get very confusing when every tree looks almost identical and every path is open. You will have to be cautious too, for the Others won’t hesitate for a moment to shoot you, unless their crappy AI causes them to not see you at all. One obstacle that can be more difficult to overcome is show favorite, the Smoke Monster. Entering into the dark territory, you will start to hear whispering, strange noises, and finally, a tree will be uprooted yards away from you. That means its time to run, or more wisely, hide.

Lost: Via Domus is a game made for die hard fans and people who have recently lost bets. But take my advice: do not under any circumstances other than pain of death, purchase the game. Rent it. Unless you’ve lost a bet and have to buy it, then own up you wuss. Lost fans will enjoy seeing their favorite locales from the show in HD, and non-Lost fans will enjoy netting 1000 GS in a few hours. Both factions will be scratching their head at the game’s ending. Was it actually canon after all or did the game creators pull it all out of their Jacob’s cabins? Either way, what you end up with is something that will take you just a little under 4hrs to beat, and thats going pretty damn slow.

But before parting, a few possible alternatives to the game’s title Lost: Via Domus.

Lost: Patience

Lost: Time

Lost: $60

Lost: Faith in Humanity

Lost: Respect for Ubisoft


I really want to play this, despite the fact that I should know better by now. I just love LOST too damn much. It bums me the hell out that I'm just some random island hobo though. I want to be Jack Shepard--I want to beat the shit out of Benjamin--and I want to make babies with Kate. Would that really have been all that difficult? They could have even had a spinal surgery mini game!


its funny you didn't enjoy this game. I know you are a huge Lost fan, and many of my friends that are fans of the show have been defending this pile of dung.