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The Simpons Game Review

I got The Simpsons Game (360/PS3) from Gamefly a while back. I had played the abysmal demo on Xbox Live a few months ago, and I have to say: whoever decided to use that level as the demo stage was not Homer Simpson stupid, he was just plain Ralph. Sure, it was a long demo, but it was very difficult to tackle alone. It was actually harder than the game it was based on, Shadow of the Colossus (hence the mission was called Shadow of the Colossal Donut.) But the fact that the demo might have been the worse part of it, doesn’t excuse the rest of it. Far from it. But its easily more than I bargained for.

Do the game’s graphics often look adequate in some areas, but jagged and glitchy in others? Yes. Do the levels lack clear coherent design and often feature vague progression methods? Yes. Does the game have a buggy camera that has caused more deaths than Stalin and Mao Zedong combined? Yes…although that number is HUGELY exaggerated for comical purposes. And that’s exactly what The Simpson’s Game is. A big comical adventure.

For those who do not know, The Simpsons is a television show on FOX Network. But not only that, it is the longest running animated series in history. Some believe it has lost its way, and has become a sad shell of its former self. I would be inclined to partly agree. But you can’t deny its popularity, and that it has produced numerous quality episodes that have entertained millions. Now, here’s the catch. I believe the game features the funniest writing in the franchise’s history. Again, I can hear the haters saying “Well that’s not too hard…” I respond with a “WHY YOU LITTLE! *strangles*” To which they respond “Oh, real mature.” We will not be hearing from them again in this article.

But I can safely say that this game is definitely worth a rent, and maybe a discounted price purchase to a casual gamer and die hard Simpsons fan. You will get many of the jokes if you are an avid video gamer. The game spoofs nearly all the franchises established by Electronics Arts, as well as their shady profiting methods. It also pokes fun at some other franchises as well. Here are some personal favorite quotes.

Homer: “Aliens huh? I bet they’re here to take our jobs!”

Bart: *after defeating a “Maddening” line backer* “Hey, I hear your team’s tight end is a wide receiver!”

Poster in the the EA hub: “Metal Gear Soiled: Undergarments”

I also found the game’s plot to be as witty as its dialog. Instead of taking the whole approach to “Oh, it’s such and such character in a blah blah situation,” they give the Simpsons the knowledge of knowing they are not real people, they are in fact video game characters. This sets the Simpsons on a quest to save their franchise from the money grubbing EA head boss and save their fake world.

The characters, environments from the show, and humor are all very interesting, but this is a video game after all. The game features no online co-op play, but it does feature local co-op. And what an appreciated feature it is. Playing the game with a friend enhances the experience, whereas it may lead you to be frustrated and disappointed alone. Close, but no cigar EA. Great writing is no supplement for poor code writing. If a sequel is created, I would hope that both would be equally as impressive. Then I could guarantee a purchase.

As it stands, I have just one recommendation: rent it. You’ll be glad you did either way. It’s either a week of hilarity, or a mere 20 yards walk back to the mailbox. Your choice really. If you’re an achievement whore there are a few points to be had. If you’re a die hard Simpsons fan, you’ll definitely enjoy the jokes from previous shows, and a few nods to the faithfuls. Video gamers will obviously get the most out of this game, as practically every joke is meant for them. And if you’re just a Simpson’s hater, rent it, hate it, and add more fuel to the fire. “I plan to!” Hey, I thought I said for you to shut up for the rest of this article?!