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All About Halo Waypoint

Can’t get enough Halo? Neither can I and Microsoft is here to answer our prayers. Microsoft recently launched a new destination on Xbox LIVE called Halo Waypoint geared towards Halo fans around the world. Waypoint enables fans to get the latest Halo news and activities, and grants them access to exclusive content not found anywhere else.

This November two main areas are being launched; Intel and Career. Intel is the central location for all types of Halo content, including videos, articles, fiction, screen shots, tips and tricks, and more. Intel content is packed with exclusive extras you won’t be able to access anywhere else, like streaming episodes of the new Halo Legends anthology. Right now on Intel you can access the Firefight Strategy, an interview with Louis Wu (from the Halo.Bungie.Org fame), and much more.


Career is a new system that tracks your progress and recognizes your accomplishments across multiple Halo games. Right now you can track your accomplishments from Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Wars, and all downloadable content for these games. Career ties together all of your past Halo achievements and gamer score and converts them into an over all ranking and recognition system comprised of two new special designations; Milestones and awards. Milestones are based on your total Halo gamer score so anytime you unlock a new achievement in any Halo game or DLC that will get added to your total. As more points are added to your gamer score you will achieve a higher career milestone. You can also earn Waypoint Awards by earning groups of related Halo achievements. For example, to earn the Vehicle Specialist award you need to get a minimum number of vehicle specific achievements in any number of Halo games. In addition to that, you’ll also unlock exclusive content for you avatar so you can dress your little man or woman in your favorite Halo attire.

Halo Waypoint provides a dynamic experience that continues to grow and expand with new content updated regularly. But don’t worry, if you happen to miss something there is an archive where you can look up content from the past week.


I’ll try and keep you, my fellow Halo Nerds, posted as media and info appears on Waypoint but incase I forget, here’s the channel schedule in which the goodies will appear…

MONDAY – Spotlight

Every Monday we shine the spotlight on interesting Halo personas ranging from community site leaders to comic artists to best-selling authors. Find out what makes them tick, why they love Halo, and how they play.

TUESDAY – Beyond the Games

On Tuesdays we check in with the creators of amazing Halo gear – action figures, board games, comics, and more. Find out how they’re made, what to put on your gift list, and get exclusive previews at upcoming swag.

WEDNESDAY – Community Day

Wednesdays are all about the Halo community. We showcase community generated screenshots and saved films, and feature content from top Halo fan sites.

THURSDAY – Machinima

Tune in to watch the latest and greatest Halo Machinima every Thursday.

FRIDAY – Strategy

Fridays are all about tips and tricks to get you through the Halo weekend. Check out Waypoint every Friday to better your game.

SATURDAY – Halo Legends

Spend your Saturdays this fall on Waypoint, where you can get exclusive previews of the upcoming Halo Legends anime, including special behind-the-scenes episodes.

Introduction to Halo Legends 11/05/2009

“The Babysitter” 11/07/2009

Making of “The Babysitter”                                11/14/2009

“The Duel”                                                          11/21/2009

Making of “The Duel”                                         11/28/2009

“The Package” Part 1                                          12/05/2009

Making of “The Package”                                   12/12/2009

“The Package” Part 2                                          12/19/2009

Making of ‘The Package”                                    12/26/2009

“Origins” Part 1                                                   01/02/2010

Making of “Origins”                                            01/09/2010

Trailers of upcoming episodes                             02/02/2010

SUNDAY – Fiction

Every Sunday we’re breaking down the expansive Halo universe to shed light into the dark corners of the fiction and answer your questions about the Halo narrative – featuring games, novels, comics, and more.

The schedule was taken directly from Microsoft’s website so there shouldn’t be any discrepancies. What are you waiting for!? Enlist today!