Batman: Arkham Origins announced

We should all be in agreement: Batman: Arkham City was the greatest thing to happen to the Batman franchise since The Animated Series. It was in my top 3 games of the year for 2011, which saw herculean sequels like Skyrim and Portal 2. High praise indeed.

That said there’s some troubling news with this newest entry into the series. Prodigy developer Rocksteady will not be at the helm for this one, and are instead working on a yet unannounced Batman game. With this being the year between current-gen and next-gen and the offerings we’ve already seen in it, I’m calling it now: cash grab. That said I’d love to be proven wrong, it’s just that I haven’t been wrong in a while with these things. With it currently only announced for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and WiiU, it seems more likely that it’s just for cash.

Still, let’s hope that WB Interactive prevails and delivers the best Arkham game yet. Let’s also hope that whatever Rocksteady is working on is completely open world and drops the Arkham subtitle once and for all.

The concept art below features two newcomers to the games Black Mask and Deathstroke. From various screenshots we can surmise that the Penguin is also appearing, and as this is a prequel he has a small bit more hair. Good on him.