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Bodycount….Black is back

In a games world surrounded by FPS, its becoming increasing important to come up with original ideas to separate the great from the plain old pretty good’s. Codemasters are the latest bunch hoping to do just that.

Creative director Stuart Black, best known for the impressive 2006 shooter Black has described work in progress Bodycount as a ‘techno thriller’ which will feature hugely destructable environments. Strong multiplayer and cooperative aspects of the game are promised along with a forward thinking finished product, different from the rest of the current crop of ‘excellent’ but ‘backward-looking’ titles.

Described by one gaming magazine as ‘The ultimate shooter’, there is definite promise for Bodycount. However with less than two years in production at its planned release date, it will take some serious creative and developing skills to make this outshine the rest of an already packed (and very good) FPS genre.

Due to be released on both PS3 and Xbox360 in Q1 2011, Bodycount will use Codemasters own EGO Game Technology Platform games engine, (previously used on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising).

Disk Addict
Disk Addict

Yeah, but tbh i'm more interested in the 'bang bang, smashy smashy' destructable environments!!! :)

The Pit
The Pit

Techno thriller? Sounds like it could be fun.