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Cave Story available March 22nd

Cavestory from NICALiS

According to, the game that NEVER seemed like it was going to come out…well, it’s finally coming out.  At first, I almost thought this news was a hoax, because I figured we wouldn’t see this gem until the summer.  However, it is too soon for an April Fool’s joke, so this news is legit.  Across many forums that I frequent, I see threads where fanboys are displaying their rage at the fact that the game has not yet released.  I just hope that after the game is released, we don’t hear even more rage about the game not being as good as its PC counterpart.   The head guys at NICALiS (the team bringing Cave Story to WiiWare), have said it’s been done for quite some time and that they were just waiting on Nintendo to release it.  With Mega Man 10 hitting in early March, and Cave Story at the end of the month, it looks like March is jammed packed with 8-bit goodness!  Seriously, these heavy hitters bring new meaning to the term, “March Madness”.   I posted links to the GoNintendo article (has more details), as well as the official CS website, so be sure to check them out!


Official Cave Story Website

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