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Comic Con 2009 Coverage

Once a year during the beautiful California summer, hundreds of thousands of Comic Book, Movie, and Pop Culture nerds gather in San Diego for Comic Con. This event is where everything nerdy is displayed for all of the hungry fans to go gaga for. This is where upcoming movies and original concepts get their cult following. Comic Con is not something to be taken lightly. We are talking absolute  sensory overload euphoria. From the minute you walk in to the exhibit hall you are lost in the awesomeness of all the booths. If you don’t have a game plan you’ll end up missing a lot of cool stuff. It doesn’t help to go alone either (this year I went alone, big mistake). Comic Con offers more collectibles than the 40 Year Old Virgin’s game room (Comic Con Exclusives).  In the words of Michael Eisner “Bring Money!” Enough intro! Lets get to the real reason you’re even reading my crappy article. NERD NEWS!!!!

Let’s start with some Comic Con Gaming news.  Lets see where do I start?


If you pre order Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 you will receive and Pro or Anti Registration T-Shirt with an Exclusive Juggernaut playable Character, Over the Weekend Activision revealed that Stan Lee is going to be an NPC in the game. Activision showed off Singularity. Singularity is an FPS with its main focus on Time manipulation (sounds like Time Sift). This is a ” On the Radar” game.  Activision had a light showing this year, but it was still entertaining either way.


UBI Soft came to the Con with their RE-make of one of the best Super Nintendo games ever, Turtles In Time!!! That’s right Turtles in time was playable at Comic con and it is more awesome than the original game. UBI Soft did a complete over haul on the game, The Turtles them selves look great, their animation is (for lack of a better word) Sexy. Every little aspect of the game is back with a vengeance, Remember how great it was throwing the Foot Soldiers at the screen? now its done in High Def!!!! They only had to player Co-op on display but they were shooting for 4 player Co-op by the games release. The same cant be said about Turtles Smash up, Pretty much if you played Super Smash Brothers you’ve played Turtle’s Smash up. No Assassins Creed 2 (sad face).


Sony came to the show with force. They Brought with them Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

Uncharted 2 was Multiplayer only… The Multiplayer is amazing. I don’t have the beta so this was the first time I got to play it. The environments are beautiful, and the game sports some slick controls. I always ended up getting owned by the people who already owned the beta but the outcome was worth it. Anyone who tried the demo got a code for an unlockable skin for Multiplayer. Uncharted 2 should be on your radar and in your ribrary when it drops this Holiday season.

Ratchet and Clank. Oh how I love thee Ratchet and Clank. Every game you bring gives warmth to my icy cold FPS playing heart. Crack in Time was playable on the show floor and it was amazing. Before you say this is just another Blinx style game ( you should die if you think that) hear me out. The time manipulation works a million times better than Blinx’s (think of Prince of Persia but with a Lombax). Like any Ratchet and Clank game, it’s all about the weapons. This game delivers and then some (it’s like that girl you met at the club the night before and cooks you breakfast the morning after). If you own a PS3 you should totaly pick up this game, you wont be disappointed.


Capcom came to us this year with a plethora of games, Fighters, Platformers, and a little game set in the snow.

How about that Lost Planet? Lost Planet 2 was shown on the floor with a CO-OP demo. The point of the CO-OP demo was pretty awesome, You and three other players team up to take down one giant Akrid (sounds easy but it really isn’t). This thing hits hard. Luckily you have a great armory of weapons at your disposal. It felt like playing Monster Hunter…. And that’s a good thing. Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of play time with the game but it was fun anyways.

What would Capcom be with out a little Fighting game action, They brought with them Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for XBL Arcade and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom for the Wii. OK so MvC2 for XBLA is amazing! Everything was already unlocked for the show but Capcom is saying that everything will be unlocked right off the bat when it comes out. The Sprites look amazing, They aren’t like Super HD quality but they aren’t crappy PS2 pixels either. The game play hasn’t changed, if you own any of the older versions of the game you’ll be right at home with the XBLA version. Nuff said

Now for the real reason I hit up the Capcom Booth. Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. Tatsunoko Vs Capcom was a pleasant surprise. For those who have been living under a rock or your internet has been down for the past year, TvC is a fighting game on the Wii (yeah thats right the Wii) Using the same control style as MvC 2 (4 buttons). A fighting stick will be required to enjoy this game, you could use the Classic Controller but I dont recomend it. Before you go running off  let me explain. This game shines with personality. The Sprites look insane (almost Stree Fighter 4 quality) and that’s saying a lot for a Wii game, they are 3D characters fighting  on a 2D plane. Character wise you couldn’t ask for more. On the Capcom side we get everyone from Ryu to one of the Mechs from Lost Planet (think of sentinel from MvC 2). Im not to familliar with the Tatsunoko characters (I’m into anime as much as a fat guy is into the Gym) all I recognize are the Bird People from that one anime. They also have a nig character selection. The Tatsunoko  characters seem a liitle more Over Powered than their Capcom counterparts (I know they are anime characters and are supposed to be powerful but come on) which makes you wonder how online is going to be when one side seems more buffed up than the other. Besides that minor complaint this game will be one of those cult fighters that will sell on ebay for 100 bucks a year after its released.


Alrighty then. Gaming news aside lets talk about Comics. (Hence Comic-Con)


Marvel Animated is coming together with a lot of Shows and Movies. Where do I start? For those of you Planet Hulk Fans, Marvel and Lionsgate are bringing us Planet Hulk the Movie, The Trailer was awesome! It looks like they brought elements of the comic to DVD and Blu Ray, all they showed was a trailer for Planet Hulk but if you read the comic you know whats going on. Marvel Animation also showed off a trailer for a new Thor movie. Thor seems to be set in the Ultimate universe where Thor and Loki are still little kids earning thier worth in Asgard (before Loki hated Thor)

TV Show wise Marvel brought with them Reveals for Wolverine and The X-Men, Iron Man Armored Adventures and Fantastic Four.  Wolverine and The X-Men is coming back with a second season, everyone’s favorite big mouth Mercenary is joining the cast of Wolverine and The X-men, Thats right Deadpool. As for Iron Man all we got was the announcement of Modok as a villain. Lame I know.


As mentioned earlier im not a big Anime fan, but I can say that I am excited for Marvel Anime coming in 2010. They showed off 2 shorts starring Wolverine and Iron Man. The Wolverine short was based around Japanese Mythology, He still had his claws but they were more like a Samurai style weapon rather than a part of him, no costume either, no big deal but it was kinda missed. The Iron Man short had awesome action and great animation. It showed him Flying over Tokyo getting ambushed by guys in Iron Suits and Tanks. Marvel confirmed 2 other characters for the Anime, Blade and X-men. Marvel Anime is going to be written by the Great Warren Ellis (nerdgasm).

Joe Q talked about Marvels next “big” Comic Event, World War Hulks. It’s all about the big guys fighting and is what is going to be called The Day the Earth Shook.


I didn’t forget about the DC fans.

Blackest Knight was huge at Con.  As we know the Lanterns are all fighting, Batman is “dead” the Black Lanterns are causing trouble in the DCU. I asked around the booth for some info on anything. I did manage to get some intel on the Batman news, ( stop reading now if actually care, or don’t want to be spoiled) hes not really dead. No word on when or how hes coming back. Sorry folks but that’s all i got from DC, the booth was to much of a mad house because of the “death” of Batman and the Blackest Knight…Damn nerds.

Comic-Con has come and gone yet again and already I’m excited for next year. Maybe I’ll actually have a team go with me to get more coverage and info. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to organize my new additions to my Nerd Castle and  try to hit up eBay for some of the swag that I missed ( I’m talking about you Transformers ass cushions) Live Free and Prosper and May the Force be with you, Peace out.

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