Doom 4 Images Surface
Reality Check: Doom 4 images

Doom 4 Images Surface

Did you see the Doom 4 artwork leaked earlier this week? Rhetorical question- nobody did, because it isn’t Doom 4 artwork, at least not anymore.

Today, id Software design director Matthew Hooper responded to the leaked images on Twitter, saying they “have nothing to do with what you’re gonna see in Doom 4.”

Whether they ever had to do with Doom 4 is still a mystery.

But we do know that it’s definitely alive and well, as confirmed by parent publisher Bethesda amid rumors of it’s cancellation. “Doom 4 is not cancelled,” they said. “When we are ready to talk about it, we’ll let folks know.”

We also know that it will probably be id’s next big release. Last year at E3 2011, id Software head of technology John Carmack said that the core development team that worked on Rage would be switching gears over to Doom 4 once Rage was finished. And Rage 2 would follow after that.

My take: I’m actually kind of glad those images don’t represent Doom 4 is at this point. They almost looked like screenshots of a more demonic Rage. Don’t get me wrong, Rage is alright. But when I think of Doom, I think dark, tight corridors with grotesque, fluid leaking demon spawn trying to eviscerate my flesh and crush my very soul.

Horror just isn’t as effective in daylight and open areas. Sure it can still invoke some muscle tension and panic, but it’s just not the same. Remember Resident Evil 5? *sigh* But at least we can look forward to seeing what Doom 4 has in store for us. If past titles are any indication, it will a scary good time. *looks at RE5* Well, we can only hope.