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Elder Scrolls MMO Announced – GameInformer June Cover

Well GI Editor-in-Chief Adam McNamara said he didn’t think we’d be able to guess what game would be the cover feature in the June issue of GameInformer. He was right about me at least. So It’s not Half Life 3, but at this point we’ve all come to realize that no magazine will ever reveal it. It’ll just show up one day, with suitcases and an apology.

Part of me is wondering if this means that we’ll lose the traditional Single-Player only RPGs we’ve all grown so accustomed to. The other part simply doesn’t care. As far as game mechanics and visual representation goes, Skyrim and the other games have already been Single-Player MMOs. I will however say that I’m not ready to pay for a subscription to get the same addiction I could get for one flat price.

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