Halo 4 Master Chief
Halo 4: First Look – Things you may have missed

My first FPS multiplayer experience was at a middle school of all places. During one summer, a teacher, a GYM teacher no less, set up a program where students could pay to come in and play Halo 2 in a 16 player LAN party twice a week. And what can I say? I was hooked from the very first match.

We played a variety of gametypes, team-based and free-for-all. I didn’t win every single one, but it didn’t matter. This was a brand new experience for me, and everyone was having fun. Even the teacher.

Yeah, the teacher played with us. I don’t think I need to say this, but that’s fucking awesome. Every time I slayed him I felt like a god. He was usually on top of the scoreboard though, go figure.

It’s an experience I haven’t forgotten, and it’s the kind you never forget. This year Halo 4 comes out, and we just got our first look.

Disclaimer: I don’t bother pointing out anything obvious in this video. Instead I focus on showing you a couple things that aren’t so obvious. The rest is self-explanatory.

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