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Mass Effect 2 DLC brings new vehicle

Mass Effect 2 DLC new vehicle The Hammerhead

If you still have your copy of Mass Effect 2 handy get ready to download some free DLC for that epic game. Gamers who bought new and not used and have access to the Cerberus Network will be able to download the Firewalker DLC Pack. The pack contains five new missions all centered around new vehicle the Hammerhead, “a heavy assault vehicle that hovers over the battlefield at up to 120 kilometers per hour” and also “features a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive maneuvering.” Whatever that means. Pfft.

I guess BioWare felt a little bad for players transitioning from Mako sequences to rock mining so they decided to pour in a little excitement to offset things. This doesn’t make up for all the boring scans, but the PC version’s command console sure does. Expect the new Mass Effect 2 Firewalker DLC pack featuring new vehicle the Hammerhead to be available sometime in late March. Just don’t expect it to control like the Warthog or nothing. It’s the Hammerhead, not a Warthog.

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Really loved this game, a great way to start 2010 in gaming for me. Free DLC is always a bonus too.