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Microsoft defends Xbox Live moderator after accusations

Plastered all over the Internet is a video by ItzLuPo V2 showing off The Pro (an Xbox Live Moderator) “abusing” his privileges as an Xbox Live Mod. Or so the video claims.

Another video posted on Youtube by user Gaurd5002 has some footage that was cut out of the ItzLuPo version, showing off a child (not an exaggeration) telling off The Pro after using a Mod to win an online match of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For those of you who don’t know, to Mod is to hack the programming of a video game to change parts of the title, and violates Microsoft’s terms of use and online conduct act.

“Yes I’ve seen the heavily edited video of The Pro. He was policing 10th prestige MW2 modding which results in gold account and console ban.” Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox Live posted on his Twitter.

“I did enjoy the the explanation about the audio being totally off/1 sided cause his ‘capture card went crazy’ when its clear it was edited,” Toulouse added.

Now there are a lot of clowns on the internet and most of them seem to flock to Xbox Live sooner or later, and chances are you are going to run into one. I rely on these Xbox Live Moderators to keep my online journey a fun and enjoyable one. The Pro has my support any day and all member of the Moderator/Enforcing team at Xbox.

Toulouse also posted: “We try to do our job protecting the service dispassionately. His (The Pro) comments about console banning were out of context and referred to modding. While I will speak to him about his tone, the audio is clearly re-cut to omit the threats and Terms of Use violations the others were saying to him.”