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Microsoft RPG Conference Details

So as many of you well know Microsoft held a conference last night in Tokyo to announce a new rpg for the Xbox 360. Although the announcements were nowhere near as genre shattering as a Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, it is still none the less very good news for RPG fans and owners of the 360 alike. Posted is a quick wrap-up of the event and a few shots to accompany each game:

Tales of Vesparia:

  • Tales of Vesparia Premium Xbox 360 bundle announced (Japan only)
  • First footage revealed looking very cliche anime
  • August 7, 2009 near simultaneous release date
  • Controllable camera (ok…?)
  • Soundtrack released August 6, and magazine on the August 7 (10 issues)

Star Ocean Last Hope:

  • Announced for 360 (no word on exclusivity though)
  • More sci-fi than others
  • Trailer coming to marketplace soon

Infinite Undiscovery:

  • Launching in early September worldwide
  • Live demo viewed

Last Remnant:

  • Xbox 360 version launching before PS3 version
  • New trailer coming to marketplace

So there you have, nothing huge and I’ll still be getting a PS3 to play a few RPGs but Star Ocean is pretty badass…if its exclusive…which I’m guessing isn’t. Enjoy the screens below.