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Naughty Dog’s next title is scifi, awesome and Savage? -UPDATED

While speculative discussion swirls around whether or not Uncharted 4 will appear on the Playstation 4, we do however know that studio Naughty Dog has been touring SpaceX and talking about how awesome their next game is.

During a Reddit AMA a Naughty Dog developer alluded to their next game and the company’s recent rumblings.

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This isn’t as far as a stretch as you might think. In Uncharted 3, newspaper headlines hinted at The Last of Us before we were made aware of its existence. Savage Starlight receiving a mention in collectible from in TLOU makes sense.

I’ll wager that we’ll see more from http://savagestarlight.com in the coming months.

UPDATE: Naughty Dog co-president Tweeted that there is no space game in the works. Oh, well…? Epic misdirection of the year?