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Pirate Day In Azeroth

From the Journal of Elvon. Blood Elf Paladin

Arrr me matey it be Pirate Day in the land of Azeroth! Sea Dogs and Land Lubbers alike gather in Booty Bay for a day of swashbuckling . I me self went down to join the festivities and enjoy the rums of the World. Yarr I be a proud member of the Horde and will make any Alliance pig walk the plank on site, but today be a day of parl’e. Who be fighting when there be music, dancing, cannon fire, and more drunk people than you can stuff into the brig?! Arrr the good captain was gracious enough to allow a scurvy sea rat like me to join her in a game of drink. I now be a honorary member of her crew. Pirates day be a day I’ll never forget, the music, the rum, the wenches, arr even the fishing scratched me pirates itch!

I be looking for a scurvy Land Lubber to best me in a Pirate duel, all lack the gully stones to challenge the likes of me! I must be finding me way back to the party before the rum is gone. I must cast off land Lubber see you on the next morrow.