360 Project Natal renamed Kinect
Project Natal Officially Renamed Kinect

360 Project Natal renamed Kinect

The 360 Project Natal got it’s official name today at the Microsoft Press Conference’s E3 Keynote. Now called Kinect, and it will hit shelves this holiday season on November 4th, and it’s still without a price point for some reason (I’m guessing they didn’t want a hefty price tag to distract people from the show). There will be 15 launch titles, and 6 of them were shown off at the conference:

Kinectimals: Picture Nintendogs on the Xbox 360, but with a LOT more control and activities to try.

Kinect Sports: The title says it all.

Kinect Joy Ride: A racing game.

Kinect Adventures: A game designed to get you moving. It takes your picture during all of the crazy moves you have to do.

Your Shape: A Ubisoft title that is basically a much more advanced Wii Fit.

Dance Central: A Harmonix title that teaches you how to dance. Think Rock Band except you are utilizing your entire body for points.

They didn’t actually say what the other titles were, put they did show an image of all of their box art. The ones that I can confirm are:

Motionsports, The Biggest Loser, Sonic Free Riders, and EA Active.

Not a single one of those games were very interesting to me, but at the end of the demonstration, they showed off actual gameplay using Kinect for an upcoming Star Wars game. It was told that this project was a collaboration between Microsoft and Lucas Arts and that it would release next year. I have to say that I am extremely excited on this one. It appears that you’ll be able to control your lightsaber with exact precision, with all the bells and whistles of things like physics to control how your weapon effects Storm Troopers and other enemies. This game (that wasn’t given a name) is at least one thing to look forward to.

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