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Sony E3 Conference 2009

Overall, we’ve experienced an abnormal E3 in that neither Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony disappointed us. Overall, even though I’m only invested in the Xbox 360 I was just as pleased with Sony’s conference. There were many big wow moments and I was just as amazed by their new technology developments as I was by Project Natal. So what did Sony show this year?

Uncharted 2: One of the few remaining playstation exclusives really shined. The actions of Drake at times looked so real I literally forgot this wasn’t just a cg video. The multiplayer beta goes up…last night I think?

M.A.G.: Multiplayer shooters aren’t really my thing however from a pure numbers perspective MAG is kinda cool. The showed off a live demo of the game running and one of the classic moments of the event was watching all the players join up.

PSP Go: So we all new about before hand but it was cool to see exactly what it is. The PSP Go is a wallet sized version of the PSP and it is a digital only device, meaning they stripped out that useless UMD drive. They also showed off a redesign of their online store which they promised would be bigger and better so as to support their first digital only gaming device. Pretty sexy and cool but way to expensive, starting at $250.00. 

Gran Turismo: Well I’ve never really cared for racing games, especially racing sims but I know there are some fanatics out there and Sony waved the juicy tenderloin steak that is Gran Turismo in front of the presses eyes once again. First up was Gran Turismo PSP which was both beautiful and impressive from a shear vantage of scale. This is definetely a fully realized racing game on the PSP. Even though I don’t care to purchase this game it did get me to wishing for a PSP as it proved that the platform truly is getting some more diversity within its library. They also showed a demo of the fabled PS3 version of Gran Turismo.

Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker: The PSP got a lot of love and this became abundantly clear when Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker. This looks to be a full on sequel to Snake Eater. the team from MGS4 will be working on the title and Kojima himself is producing and writing the script. Release 2010.

New Games: Unbound Saga, Petz, Soul Calibur, Persona, Warrior Orochi 2, Inivanimals, Resident Evil PSP, LBP, SOCOM, Monster Hunter, MotorStorm, Hannah Montana and Harry Potter are all coming to the PSP.

Agent: A game exclusive to the PS3 made buy Rockstar. Kinda of a thump of the chest by Sony’s part to show they can still get exclusives but it worked simply because everyone though this was the big news.

FF IV Online: So the next Final Fantasy is for the PS3 only. Some may say the onlince game aren’t part of the main franchise the fact remains this is a numbered title and the game is pretty big overall.

Assasin’s Creed 2: Instead of showing the demo at the Ubisoft conference Sony showed it off which I guess is fair since Microsoft got to show off Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. It looks good and they promise more variety in this game.

Motion Controls: Even with Microsoft’s project Natal and the subsequent game for women who can’t have children and can’t afford a monkey, Sony’s motion control demonstration was just as impressive because they had tangible of evidence of their technology really working. It makes me wonder if the PS3 and Xbox 360 can catch up to the Wii now, even though the Wii is currently so far ahead. Pretty much everything you could want in a motion controller.

Mod Nation: Surprisingly, where Sony totally blew Microsoft out of the water was in the category of cart racers. Mod Nation looks unbelievable, basically LBP for the cart racing genre, and seemed liked they promised to continue with this idea in the future. They demoed the game and made a full on fairly impressive track in 5 minutes, and its got a really cool unique design to it to. Although Microsoft talked big about personalization when they released the 360 Sony has become the place to be if your into that.

The Last Guardian: I never played ICO but Shadow of the Colussus is one of my favorite video games ever, it was more like really, really fun art. It looks they mashed the two games into one with this and as usual it looks unbelievable. The creature looks like my dog when she was a puppy, which is a bit of a turn off since everyone says they’re going to kill it off.

God of War 3: All I have to say is that when Kratos now disembowels a minotaur, it might make you a bit nauseous it looks so real and horrific.

    Well that’s a pretty big list, and as I said it definitely lived up to expectation, or in my case rose above my expectations. I’m happy to have my 360, but there’s more than enough for any PS3 owner to be quite happy too.