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Split/Second: Velocity to release w/c May 17th

MCV have the scoop following Disney Interactive Studio’s announcement that forthcoming Black Rock Studio’s all action racing game will be released on May 21st in the UK. All things being equal, that should mean a US release the prior Tuesday on the 18th. We’ll be sure to update when this is confirmed.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will also notice the name change from ‘Split/Second’ to Split/Second: Velocity.

We previewed the game late last year following an excellent appearance at the Eurogamer Expo and general reactions to the game seem to have been nothing but positive since then. Now Grand Turismo 5 is out of the way until later in the year and Activision’s first Bizarre Creations effort Blur is still without a solid date, the stage should be clear in May for Split/Second: Velocity to try and make a name of it’s own.

As a follow up to the under-rated Pure, a decent shot at success for a game which mashes  up Death Race, Burnout and a healthy dose of Michael Bay style spectacle is no more than Black Rock deserve.

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