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Humans are still meant to be feared during a zombie apocalypse
The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC revealed

Shortly after its brief mention at the Sony 2013 E3 conference (more on that we promise) it was revealed the follow up content to the first season of The Walking Dead episodic game would appear on the Sony PS Vita later this year. Titled ‘400 Days’ not much is know other than the game will tell five unique stories in one episode, and feature zombies, and apparently more prisoners not unlike first season hero Lee Everett.

Telltale subsequently Tweeted that the game would be coming to Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC/MAC, and iOS this summer. Here’s some screenshots.

UPDATE: DLC is scheduled to release in July at $4.99 (or roughly over a penny per day!).


Also here’s the trailer from IGN showing off The Walking Dead 400 Days.