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Valve Steam glitch wipes friends lists

Valve, makers of such classic titles as Left 4 Dead 2 and whose service has brought us indie releases like Zeno Clash has a small bit of controversy brewing in its midst over their client. For those of you who use Steam there is a problem right now involving the friends list. Some people are saying that their entire list has been removed leaving them with no friends. Obviously this is a really bad thing to happen *if* some people really did have their lists wiped clean. It would be a huge hassle to re-add all your friends and thankfully it is not affecting everyone (myself included).

Let’s hope that Valve can somehow fix this and restore the affected people’s friends list. Oh and also there are rumors going around that Steam got hacked which is the cause of all this but that is completely false so calm down people.

*update* I originally found out about this because this has happened to a few of my friends. There is a really big thread going on in the Steam forums about this issue and there are a few moderator posts acknowledging the issue and they say Valve is looking into it. The thread can be found here.