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WGA Nominations Most Likely Picked At GameStop

Nothing but love to the people who wrote these games, but in all seriousness, what was the process by which these games were picked? I’m sure that I haven’t been exposed to the intricacies of the vast number of genres of entertainment. I’m sure my bias to the hectic nature of explosions and fallen gun shells beset with the drama of fallen comrades and tragic pasts keep me from enjoying the subtle beauteousness of The Sound of Music and what not. I’m also positive that I know nothing about what it takes to judge someone else’s creative efforts solely on seeing them in a store. So why pray tell did the Writer’s Guild of America not simply admit that they didn’t know anything when they made this list?

The following games were nominated for achievements in writing, and I do hope the sore thumbs stick out.

  • WET
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Assassins Creed 2
  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Uncharted 2

Solely looking at characters and dialogue I think the real clues of to who must have thrown this list together become apparent. The 80’s punk film style that the video game character Rubi Malone (played by Eliza Dushku) sports in WET is generally what I would assume gets film critics to look down upon the game industry. Filled with expletives, exploitative at times, and more about bullets and bodies than lasting relationships or internal conflict.

Hugh Jackman may have won some awards for his film roles, but I would hope that we can at least agree that although some may find it entertaining, neither the movie nor game of X-Men Origins was a break out role for him. His most frequent lines were “Errg!” and “UGGGRUH!” before a one liner while chopping a 20ft troll or sentinel’s head off. It really shows the class and differentiating capabilities the committee used to gauge which titles really stand out for the entire industry and move it forward in some scope.

I’ve gone on record, multiple times saying how Assassins Creed 2 did or didn’t engage me. If pseudo-historical dramas are your forte then this is a game that definitely deserved to make the list. And this is probably one of the woven stories that fits the genre build. I could see Nicolas Cage on a quest to uncover the pasts of Altair and Enzio while safeguarding secrets from the Templars in present day. Very plausible and it would be a big hit. Only problem here is like National Treasure, I’d be put to sleep well before the credits rolled. It’s all a matter of taste though, and I can’t fault their decision on this one just because I find it boring. More than a few of the nominated films were boring as well.

I’m not sure what it is that the WGA were wowed about in Modern Warfare 2, but I doubt it was “Oscar Mike”. Deftangel put together a rather expansive list of details relating the highs and lows of the story. The game’s campaign was an explosive ride from start to finish, but of all the things to blog home about, the character drama wasn’t the chief feature. But maybe if it wins then it can be leveraged into the film level category and people can go back to blaming movies for their kids problems instead of making games today’s scapegoat of the decade.

I think the main thing to take from this nomination is the frightening realization that Nolan North is featured in three of these games. He could even have gone uncredited in for a role Modern Warfare 2 (you never know with him!). Assassin’s Creed 2, X-Men Origins, and of course Uncharted 2. The latter being the only game he should be allowed to voice act in. Sorry North, but you just do that one too well to spoil your talent in other games (Prince of Persia anyone?). Among Thieves possessed strong character depth and a dynamic, well paced plot. Something you rarely see in the video game space.

Then again, there could be a very obvious reason to the choices from this nomination. It could just be that game writers aren’t so motivated to join the guild. Having to pay fees and go on strike doesn’t really help you get a job or advancement in the field. Perhaps this was just the cream of the crop. Still, last year Star Wars: The Force Unleashed won. Maybe they need to look a little harder or lower their entry fees.

Source: Variety