Like ACTUAL Love in An Elevator, this game is short and a bit clumsy. For the most part this game does what it sought out to do, please fans of the band.

Apple Enters the Games Business?

The iPhone is potentially the ultimate handheld gaming device. It's more powerful than the DS and multimedia capabilities are arguably better than the PSP.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Review – The Best Is Yet to Come

It's very rare that a game comes along that challenges what a game is and what it can be. It is not without its faults, however, and some are very clear.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Review

A game that focuses first on kicking your ass and then being awesome, the sequel to the ground breaking game action game continues to build upon the original.

Top 10 Rock Band DLC

Rock Band comes out with new songs every week. It would be pretty hard (and expensive) for someone to download every song so here's the top 10.

Some games seem to offer timeless gameplay, challenging the notion that innovation is the only pathway to gaming bliss. Ikaruga is a prime example.

Microsoft RPG Conference Details

Microsoft held a conference last night in Tokyo. Although the announcements were not genre shattering, it is still very good news for RPG fans.

GTA IV Review – Bad Ass Russians FTW!

On April 29th, 2008, a new bar had been set for the way we play video games. With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV (360/PS3), the sandbox genre has evolved yet again. The game has been out for a bit now, and I am ...

The Simpons Game Review

There have been quite a few Simpons games in the past, none really aimed at gamers. For what its worth this one is a good satire if nothing else.

Better late than never for Ninja Gaiden 2 fans. The demo was reported but never provided, now we've got the chance to judge it for ourselves. Find out our take.

It's May 28th and Ubisoft is showing off its wares at its own press event. The event is shaping up to be a highlight of any gamers' calendar.

Lost: Via Domus Review

There's no question about it, LOST the game is a cash in in every sense of the word. It's a trap waiting to happen for fans and gamers.