Batman: Arkham Origins announced

We should all be in agreement: Batman: Arkham City was the greatest thing to happen to the Batman franchise since The Animated Series. It was in my top 3 games of the year for 2011, which saw herculean sequels like ...

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Why The Last of Us isn’t a zombie game

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Xbox 720: Don’t feed the rumors

Some of the next Xbox rumors will undoubtedly be true. "But which ones?", you may ponder. And that's where you need to stop yourself.

Diablo 3 Video Review

Heaven is missing an Angel. Hell is missing you.

Elder Scrolls MMO Announced – GameInformer June Cover

Wait, Elder Scrolls wasn't an MMO already?

Kinect Star Wars Video Review

Ever since 1977, mankind has wished to be a Light Saber wielding Jedi Knight. Kinect Star Wars shows us that no, we really didn't want this.

Sonic 2 HD Alpha – Demo Impressions

Sonic 2 HD spindashes it's way onto fans' computers in the form of a demo!

Angry Birds Space Review

This is casual gamers' Call of Duty. And it just went to mo'fuggin' space ya'll.

Journey Review (PSN)

Not a game. Journey is an experience. And a journey...

MLB 2K12 Review

“MLB 2K12: It Can’t Get Any Worse… Right?”

Mass Effect 3 Review

Reapers gonna reap. Can Shepard delay judgement day while gettin' his Kirk on?