Natal specific EA Sports Active sequel to be announced at E3?

The announcement of EA Sports Active 2.0 for PS3 and not Xbox 360 only paves the way for a Project Natal specific sequel to be announced at E3.

Heartbeats and Thermals and Lag, Oh My!

There are some things in Modern Warfare 2 that you don't have to put up with!

Final Fantasy XIII Release

Final Fantasy XIII comes out tomorrow.

Despite recent unrest and a corporate reshuffling at Infinity ward, its good news for fans of long running series Call Of Duty. Not only is there a definite 2010 release of a ‘wholly new game’ but with ...

April issue of GameInformer reveals Portal 2

GameInformer magazine has the inside scoop on Portal 2 in its April issue.

ODST no longer the only way in to the Halo: Reach beta

UPDATE: Thanks to sil3nttt3mplar, it appears that playing Halo 2 on LIVE in the past is enough to get you an e-mail, at least in his case. We’ll go out on a limb and say that’s a lot of Halo fans who are ...

Robot Unicorn Attack Review

Before I start this, I want you to do me a favor. Go to the following link and begin playing the song. This is the soundtrack to the game and you must remember every lyric, and then sing it your girlfriend. If you ...

Old Nintendo Game Sells for $41,300

After he saw a woman sell her original Nintendo system and games for $13,105, Dave from Kansas got the bright idea to sell his Stadium Events copy for $41,300.

Cave Story available March 22nd

The WiiWare will finally get Cave Story on March 22nd.

Mass Effect 2 DLC brings new vehicle

If you still have your copy of Mass Effect 2 get ready to download some free DLC containing five new missions all centered around new vehicle the Hammerhead.

Penny Arcade’s Book Tour Begins

The Penny Arcade book tour began yesterday.

MCV have the scoop following Disney Interactive Studio’s announcement that forthcoming Black Rock Studio’s all action racing game will be released on May 21st in the UK. All things being equal, that ...