Nintendo to release Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid sequel in Summer

Nintendo plans to release Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: The Other M this Summer.

Recently, users of Valve's Steam service have found that their friends lists have become completely wiped clean.

John Carmack awarded lifetime achievement award at GDC

id Software CTO John Carmack to be awarded the Lifetime achievement award at this years Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony.

Microsoft defends Xbox Live moderator after accusations

Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement defends The Pro and his alleged "abuse" of his banning powers during an obviously modded match in Modern Warfare 2.

BioShock 2 DLC coming soon

The first add-on for BioShock 2’s multiplayer mode will be released next month. 2K president, Christoph Hartmann has said,  “The fans who waited in the snow, rain and cold for the midnight launch of BioShock 2 ...

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition nears release

Almost a year ago we went on the warpath with Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar to combat the most-malicious Umbrella Corporation, as detailed in our review dealing with Inhospitable Tenants. Capcom takes ...

A closer look at Red Dead Redemption

This April you'll be able to experience a sandbox style Western that utilizes the same engine applied in Grand Theft Auto 4 from Rockstar San Diego. The game has been compared to GTA4 and has even been called ...

Keeping up with the tradition of not disappointing this avid fan, Naughty Dog managed to snag multiple coveted awards as voted by the people who most understand the hardships of game design and development: the game ...

Wishlist for the New Zelda Wii

At E3 2009, there was a picture released that was supposedly a teaser for the next Zelda game. In my E3 blowout that I wrote, I decided to ignore it…because it was just a picture. Apparently, I am an idiot–there ...

Mass Effect 2 Review

The shooter genre has recently been boasting some of the most cinematic games of the generation with the likes of Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. When we last saw Mass Effect, it was still a ...

Wii’s Most Anticipated 2010 Games

Alright, 2009 wasn't exactly a huge year for the Wii. Luckily, with 2010 in full swing, it looks like its going to be one hell of a year!

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Review

Who would have guessed that we would still be seeing more titles from Ratchet and Clank since it first hit in November 2002?